Tuesday, 11 October 2011

S/S 2012: Alexander McQueen

I was among the very few who found themselves filled with disappointment when Kate Middleton stepped out of the car on her wedding day.  No, I didn't gasp as a tear filled my eye muttering how beautiful Kate looked as she walked down the aisle.  She looked nice, like a bride.  Just a normal bride.  And that's what disappointed me.  A princess deserves an extravagant dress, one unlike all other in bridal shops everywhere, one similar to those Sarah Burton designed for the S/S 2012 McQueen collection.

These dresses took my breath away.  The colour palette flowed beautifully and the transition of colours gave the feel of a fairytale.  I have no doubt over the myth of mermaids but I'd like to think if they did exist, they'd look like this. The head pieces and dresses combined transformed the models into something magical, untouchable and desirable.  After seeing the collection I long for each dress to grace my wardrobe. However looking at my bank account I realise the impossibility of this.  I guess I can dream...

After seeing this collection the Royal Wedding dress only seems more disappointing.  If only the dress had some of the magic that this collection holds.

All images from http://www.elleuk.com/